Training Video

Now Get Counter Attactics Training On Video!
Whether you have participated in a Counter Attactics class or just want a self defense program you can study and learn from on your own, this video is a resource you can refer to over and over again.
   From beginning to advanced techniques, Bob Thurman covers the many aspects of personal defense that can make the difference if you are the victim of an attack.
You will learn:
  ~ The Six Rules of Awareness
   ~ The Four Elements of an Assault
   ~ The Three Reasons for Violence
   ~ The Four Rules of Survival

You will learn about:
   ~ The "space bubble"
   ~ Fighting positions
   ~ How to deliver strikes
   ~ Where to deliver strikes
   ~ Footwork
   ~ Choke holds
   ~ Front & rear attacks
   ~ Groundfighting
   ~ Weapons
For yourself, or your loved ones,
This is a video every family should have!

To order, call
or for printable order form,
Counter Attactics P.O. Box 35   Lee's Summit, Missouri  64063