Client Testimonials

Over the years, we have been pleased to serve the personal safety and self protection needs of many geat companies and organizations.We feel that providing a Counter Attactics program says a lot about the concern a business or group has for its members or employees, and that this concern manifests itself not only in greater safety for the individual seminar participant, but immeasurable benefits to the organization in unit cohesiveness, a sense of team identity, and appreciation for the organization which provided it.
   However, more important than what we say about our clients is ...

What do our clients say about Counter Attactics programs?
"Your Counter Attactics training program is excellent! It can benefit men and women of all ages. We think your program should be used by all police department crime prevention officers to help educate and train families on how to avoid and escape dangerous situations."         
                                              Ray Cummings
                                                Executive Director
                                    Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association

   "Any one of us could be caught in a life threatening situation, and if it should come to that, thanks to your course, we all have a much better chance of not being a victim and walking away.
   "I, along with my fellow staff members, highly recommend Counter Attactics!"
                                                Lisa Martin
                                                Communications Director
                                                March of Dimes

   "As you can tell by the feedback sheets, your program was a great success! We highly recommend your program to anyone or any group interested. Please feel free to have them call us."                                                            Dan Chumley
                                                AT&T Communications Center

   "Our participants were very enthusiastic and upbeat about your presentation. Here are a few comments I'd like to share:
            "Oustanding - knowledge and skill to use!"
            "This is a great idea, and very timely. I can't say enough about its usefullness."
            "Should be a program that all members take - male and female!"
                                                Susan Fenner, PhD
                            Manager, Education & Professional Development
                                                Professional Secretaries International

  "It is obvious that your whole heart and soul is into Counter Attactics, and those you instruct benefit tremendously from your talent and enthusiasm."
                                                Susan M. Miller
                                                Human Resources Manager
                                                DeMarche Associates, Inc.

    "I feel empowered now to be able to be able to defend myself if needed, which I did not feel before going through your seminar. A personal "thank you" from me to you."
                                                Cynthia Hines
                                                AT&T Card Division

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