Hospital Programs
Hospital & Nursing Safety and Defense
Create a safe and secure Work Environment.
Be pro-active.
Stop Attacks in the Workplace

Understand psychological motives for violent human behavior..

Identify common sense strategies for protecting yourself in the workplace or on the street.

Pactice safety steps on how to remove yourself from a dangerous situation.

Practice and learn verbal self defense.

Learn how to recognize potentially volatile situations or people.

Understand rules for hospital mental awareness.

Learn simple, swift techniques secific to front and rear attacks that will lead to escape.

Learn the most vulnerable parts of the body to attack.

Learn and understand the four zones of personal space.
"The Counter Attactics program presented by Bob Thurman at Lawrence Memorial Hospital was, without a doubt, one of the best continuing education programs we have had. Every single participant rated the programm excellent."
      Carol Boncella, MA, RN
       Education Coordinator
       Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Programs Include

Hospital & Nursing Defense and Awareness Education ...
60 minute program
Nursing Personal Defense & Awareness Education ...
90 minute program
Be Aware & Be Prepared ... half day program

Program Outline

I. Mental Awareness & Avoidance Education
A. Six hospital rules of awareness
B. Four elements of an attack in the workplace
C. Three psychological motives for human violence
D. Four mental steps to survive an attack
E. Overall definiion & ideas
F. Fifteen basic rules of self protection

II. Physical Exercise & Hands-On Training
A. Learn vulnerable body targets
B. Punching & striking
C. Kneeing & footwork
D. Groundfighting
E. Front & rear attack escapes

III. Self Assessment

A. Apply skills in simulated attack (optional)

We are proud to have served the personal safety and self defense training needs of some of the finest health care organizations in the country, including; St. Luke's Hospital, Liberty Hospital, Columbia Medical Center, Olathe Medical Center, Cushing Memorial Hospital, St. Francis' Hospital, Stormont-Vail, University of Kansas Medical Ceter, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Hennpin County Medical Center, North Memorial Hospital, Abbot Northwestern and the Kansas Medical Society.

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