After a near-fatal robbery attempt on his wife in 1989, Professional Karate Association World Champion Bob "Thunder" Thurman retired from professional karate to dedicate himself to developing a street-effective system of self defense that would help others avoid the terrible trauma which his wife had suffered. 
  Consulting with internationally known social psychologists, law enforcement professionals--at local and national levels--and motivational specialists, Bob designed a unique system of training programs stressing mental awareness, psychological strategies, and, if necessary, tactics and techniques for surviving and escaping an attack.
   Bob Thurman brings a unique combination to the field of personal protection training. Having been featured on ABC Wide World of Sports, NBC Sports World, ESPN, covered by Sports Illustrated Magazine, and appearing with Chuck Norris in "Walker, Texas Ranger", he brings a dynamic presentation to a wealth of martial arts and self defense experience. As a result, Counter Attactics programs are dynamic, informative, and specific to the needs of individuals and organizations.

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Be Prepared"
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Bob Thurman is on the Boards of Directors of the International Self Defense Association
and the International Association of Professional Self Defense Instructors
 "The Counter Attactics training program is excel- lent! It can benefit men and women of all ages. We think the program should be used by all police department crime preven- tion officers to help edu- cate and train families on how to avoid and escape dangerous situations."
 Ray Cummings
           Executive Director
          Chiefs of Police
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