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Bob Thurman's Greatest Fights
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Bob Thurman's greatest fights are now available on video!
See the legendary fights that put Bob "Thunder" Thurman at the top of kickboxing as
Each video contains 20 rounds
of the hardest hitting, fastest paced kickboxing you've ever seen.
These are the fights that put kickboxing at the top of martial sports,
and are credited by some to have "built" ESPN!

And watch lightening strike as some of full contact karate's toughest fighters
try to take the PKA World Title from Bob "Thunder" Thurman.
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Grandmaster Video Presents
Grandmaster Video Presents
Grandmaster Video Presents

The Greatest Fights of
Bob "Thunder" Thurman

The Greatest Fights of
Bob "Thunder" Thurman

The Greatest Fights of
Bob "Thunder" Thurman
Emilio Narvez
Alvin Prouder
Eddie McCray
Tom Dalton
Gene McComb
Sylvester Cash
Tommy Richardson
John Moncayo
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Thurman Tells it like it is ...
the Narvez Fight:
"This was my first fight in world class competi- tion", says Thurman. "I was ranked fourth in the world and Emilio was ranked second.
   "Emilio had the style that was always hard for me - he had the reach and the hight advantage.
   "The fight plan was simple - take it to him, and use a lot of head movement to make him miss when I was moving in. But he caught me with a great right hand in the first round and dropped me - the first time I had ever been knocked down.
   "I got up and followed my game plan, dropping Emilio in the sixth round with the famous "punt' kick, then knocked him down again in the seventh.
   "I won the decision big."
the Prouder Fight:
"This was a World Championship fight.
   "Prouder was fast, and very elusive. He had height and reach on me. I was the underdog. Alvin said he was going to take me out.
   "My fight plan was to stay close to Alvin, cut the ring off and go to the body.
   "My trainers told me to keep the fight close for the first five rounds, then go to work on him.
   "I got cut over my left eye in the first round - not good in a 12 round world title fight. I picked up the pace in the second round and dropped Prouder in the second with a spinning back fist. I dropped him again in the third round.
   "The fight was fast paced, with a lot of great punches and kicks on both our parts.
   "Some have called this the best kickboxing match ever."
the McCray Fight:
   "This fight was my first out of the country. Eddie was tough, and came to fight.
   "I took cntrol of the fight and dropped him in the first round with an uppercut/left hook combination.
   "In the second round, I knocked him out cold with a picture perfect round- house kick."
the Dalton Fight:
   "This was my first title fight in my hometown, Kansas City.
   "I was pumped for this fight - I had fought and taken out Richard Green just a week before.
   "Dalton did not have a chance. I knocked him out in four rounds."
the McComb Fight:
   "The first defense of my world title, I went to Gene's home town of Lake Charles, Louisiana to fight him.
   "This time, I had a height and reach advantage. My fight plan was stick and move, lots of jabs and kicks, and take him apart one piece at a time.
   "All went well until the second round, when he dropped me with a right hand. I got up quickly, knocked him down, and regained control of the fight until the 7th round.
   "Gene cut my left eye pretty badly in the 7th round, and had me out on my feet in the 8th.
   "The 9th round went back and forth.
   "Going into the tenth round, the fight was dead even. I hit him with a right hand that staggered him, and followed up with several hard kicks.
   "In the 11th round, I continued to take him apart, dropping him with a left to the body at the end of the round.
   "Gene would not come out at the bell for the 12th round. Both his eyes were swollen shut. I was glad this fight was over!"
the Cash Fight:
"This fight was my first rematch.
   "The first time I fought Cash I took him out in three rounds. He said I got lucky, and this time I was in trouble. Yeah, whatever.
   "He had height and reach on me, so my plan was to cut off the ring, go in and work the body, and let the fight plan develop.
   "The first round, Cash caught me with a couple of pretty good shots.The second round, I took control of the fight and started landing body and head shots along with kicks.
   "The third round, I dropped him with a right hand.
   "In the fourth round, I KO'd him with a front kick/ right hand combination."
the Richardson Fight:
"Richardson was big, strong and fast.
   "My game plan was to go out and see what he had, not get into a slugging match with him, then go to work on him.
   "In the first round, I could feel how strong he was. I slipped a couple of his punches that, if they had hit me, I would still be out.
   "This was a fight for four rounds. After two standing eight counts, I dropped Richardson with a jump spinning back kick and the fight was over."
the Moncayo Fight:
"This was the tough- est fight I ever had.
   "The fight was back and forth for 12 rounds. I dropped him in the first round, he dropped me in the second.
   "This fight was a kickboxing match that turned into a street fight with gloves on. We traded kicks and punches for 12 rounds. If you had seen my face after the fight, you would have thoughI I had lost - but John Moncayo looked worse!
   "I won a unanimous decision."
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