College Programs
Campus Safety and Personal Defense
Create a safe and secure campus.
Be pro-active.
Give students and faculty knowledge of how to recognize, defuse and escape life threatening situations, and not be a victim!

Understand psychological motives for violent human behavior.

Practice safety steps on how to remove yourself from a hostile situation.

Learn verbal self defense.

Understand rules for campus mental awareness.

Learn to regognize potentially volatile situations or people.

Learn the four zones of personal space.

Learn psychological, non-violent defense strategies.

Learn the four rules for surviving an attack or hostage situation.
  "I believe this seminar would be beneficial to anyone, to help them feel more secure and more aware of their surroundings. We were very impressed with the amount of information given and the actual hands-on training that was covered in such a short amount of time."
Dana Hargraves
Student Activities Director
Longview College
Select A Program That Serves Your Needs
Campus Orientation Week ... 90 minute program
Date Rape Awareness ... 90 minute program
Complete Campus Personal Defense ... Half day program

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